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The 11 Best Winter Cycling Gloves


If you enjoy cycling year-round, staying warm on a lengthy winter ride can be challenging.

When you are riding in cold conditions, you need to balance warmth, insulation, breathability, and weather-resistance when you are comparing the best winter cycling gloves.

Get this buying decision right and you can transform your ride, crucial since your hands will take the brunt of the rain, wind, snow as you pedal away during the long winter months. Get it wrong, on the other hand, and you could end up reluctant to head outside when the mercury falls.

Today’s guide will help you pick some gloves appropriate for the conditions in your locality without compromising safety or dexterity as you ride.

Before exploring our reviews of the warmest and most weatherproof cycling gloves, take a moment to consider the following pointers:

  • Intended use: Before anything else, closely consider the weather conditions where you live. Most winter gloves have a synthetic lining, enabling them to dry out quickly and keep their heat-retaining properties even if the rain is pouring down. Many mittens are insulated with a down material, offering more warmth and less weight than synthetic linings. Regrettably, down tends to clump together when it’s wet, diminishing its insulation properties. Think about how it often it rains in your locality and choose winter cycling gloves that perform well in those conditions.
  • Materials: There is a significant difference between cycling gloves classified as windproof and waterproof and those offering only wind resistance and water resistance. Most cycling gloves have palms made from synthetic leather, also known as faux leather. Occasionally, you find gloves featuring real leather palms. While faux leather promotes great bar feel, gloves made of synthetic leather can become saturated in heavy rain. That said, synthetic leather gloves should dry out quickly, too. Look for windproof backing to the gloves. Water-resistant liners add another line of defense between your hands and moisture, although breathability can be an issue.
  • Breathability: Buying the best winter cycling gloves with windproofing, insulation, and a fleecy liner won’t do you much good if the moisture from your sweaty hands is trapped inside the gloves. Cotton will absorb sweat and hold it close to your skin, while synthetics and wool are both efficient at wicking away moisture from the skin and ensuring your hands stay dry as you pedal during the winter months.
  • Style: If you are looking for maximum warmth in winter bike gloves, avoid gloves and opt for mittens instead. This style of glove allows your fingers to nestle together, generating additional heat. If you prize dexterity over insulation, choose cycling gloves. Gloves styled like lobster claws bridge the gap between mittens and gloves. These gloves are equipped with three separate compartments.
  • Cuff of glove: When you need cycling gloves to withstand the elements, ensure the cuff is long and snug enough to encourage this. Although Velcro cuff closures are commonplace, these can easily lose grip over time. Zipper closures are less bulky and more reliable.

Keep these elements in mind before whipping out your credit card and we’re confident you will find the most suitable winter cycling gloves for your needs.

The 11 Best Winter Cycling Gloves

1. Our Pick: AKASO Waterproof Ski Gloves



  • Material: Polyester and polyurethane
  • Weight: 0.44 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.5 x 3.4 inches

Our favorite winter cycling gloves from today’s collection comes from AKASO, so what do get for your money here?

You first need to choose between the small or medium gloves using the sizing chart provides. This version is intended for those with small hands.

The polyester and polyurethane synthetic construction gives you a pair of gloves that are lightweight enough not to wear you down and warm enough to make those winter rides more bearable.

Inside the gloves, a thinsulate lining provides first-class insulation and heat retention without interfering with dexterity. This fleecing lining also works well when it comes to wicking away moisture from sweaty hands.

Treated with a waterproof repellent, the gloves would benefit from full waterproofing.

Thanks to an elasticated cord on the wrist and a highly adjustable drawstring, you can stop any wind, rain, or snow from working its way inside these gloves.

The palms of the gloves are made from PU, providing you with plenty of grip, even when the handlebar gets wet and slippy.

We recommend these unisex winter gloves for all cold conditions except for heavy snow – then again, you are not likely to be cycling in those conditions anyway. As an added bonus, these gloves are also priced well within any cyclist’s budget, so what are you waiting for?

Things We Like

  • Effective waterproofing
  • Grippy and durable faux-leather palms
  • Moisture-wicking fleece lining

Things We Dislike

  • Not ideal in snowy conditions

2. GORE WEAR Thermo Gloves



  • Material: Faux leather
  • Weight: 0.22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 2.2 x 5.8 inches

Next in line is a pair of much more expensive cycling gloves ideal for anyone with a more fluid budget and the desire to ride more comfortably in colder conditions.

Designed to fit men or women, these gloves are available in this black variant or finished in neon yellow. This is the largest of seven stages (3XL).

Constructed from faux leather, you’ll get durable cycling gloves that are also comfortable and highly weather-resistant.

GoreTex Active technology ensures that these gloves are:

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Highly breathable

The palms of the gloves are made of synthetic leather, promoting plenty of grip on the handlebar in a hardwearing form. There is also some padding on the palms.

Inside, you’ll benefit from a highly efficient thermal lining that should keep your hands toasting while you are cycling year-round. The interior material will absorb moisture effectively.

The hook closure on these gloves should inhibit the wind and rain from working their way inside. The closure is super-simple to use, too, so you’ll have these gloves on and off in a flash.

As long as you don’t mind digging deeper for the brand heritage of these Gore-Tex gloves, you will be rewarded with warm hands while riding in cold weather, but you won’t need to sacrifice dexterity to achieve this.

Things We Like

  • For men or women
  • Synthetic palms and thermal lining
  • Easy-access hook closure

Things We Dislike

  • Dexterity could be improved

3. SEALSKINZ All-Weather Cycling Gloves



  • Material: Polyester, polyurethane, and nylon
  • Weight: 0.26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 3 x 6 inches

SEALSKINZ is a brand that means business when it comes to producing cycling gloves to cope with harsh winter conditions. Also, while these gloves certainly aren’t cheap, they represent outstanding overall value while prolonging your cycling season at the same time.

Choose from four colorways to coordinate with your bike and from five sizes to suit your hands. This version of the gloves is finished in a plain black and sized small.

The gloves are completely windproof and waterproof, something that cannot be said for all of the opposition.

At the cuff of the gloves, you’ll find a drawstring closure that it easy to use and enables you to prevent any air or moisture from getting inside the gloves. The cuff is quite long, too.

Inside the gloves, the liner is designed to prevent any movement, while at the same time affording outstanding insulation properties.

The gloves are machine washable using a cold cycle (85F). You should drip dry the gloves and keep them away from the iron.

Not only are these gloves designed to keep your hands toasty when it gets cold outside, but the fabric is also remarkably breathable.

The only notable drawback with these gloves is the way they can leak in extreme weather conditions. Setting this aside, the SEALSKINZ are among the best winter cycling gloves in a competitive market segment.

Things We Like

  • Highly breathable
  • Efficient waterproofing
  • Minimal movement from liner for added control

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with leaking

4. Savior Heat Heated Gloves



  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 5.4 x 14.7 inches

Take things to the next level with these heated cycling gloves from Savior.

These premium unisex gloves are made from lambskin and polyester for a luxe but hardwearing feel.

Inside these gloves is where the magic happens, though. The battery-heated gloves can heat your whole hands quickly and thoroughly, even when it’s freezing cold outside. Batteries are rechargeable to reduce running costs. You can expect up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge, ideal for the longest wintertime rides.

Far-infrared heating elements made from fiber heats your hands to the fingertips. Most other competing gloves, by contrast, heat only the backs of your hands.

You get a choice of three temperature settings which you can easily manipulate as you pedal.

Touchscreen-sensitive materials allow you to operate your electronic devices without taking off your gloves and exposing your fingers to the cold.

Backed by a 30-day refund or replacement guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying out these gloves. If you are not entirely happy with the warming results, send them back for a no-quibbles refund.

Aside from some complaints about the quality of this brand’s customer care, there is not much else to moan about here. Whether you want to cycle, ski, or snowboard this coming winter, these heated gloves will make you much more comfortable.

Things We Like

  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Three temperature settings
  • Utilizes rechargeable batteries

Things We Dislike

  • Customer services problems reported

5. KINGSBOM Thermal Gloves



  • Material: Thinsulate
  • Weight: 0.35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 6.1 x 2.5 inches

KINGSBOM might not be the most well-known cycling brand, but these thinsulate thermal gloves are well worth popping on your shortlist if you want warmer hands as you ride through the winter months.

One of the primary selling points here is the cut-throat price tag, but you don’t need to sacrifice warmth, comfort, or durability to achieve a bargain.

Available in a small or large version, these gloves are finished in a subtle and muted gray. The palms are black and grippy enough for you to hold the handlebars even when they are wet and slippery from the rain.

The closure is a simple pull-on style with the cuffs extending far enough down your arm to keep the wind, rain, and snow at bay.

Inside the gloves, the thinsulate lining boasts efficient insulation properties and should ensure your hands stay warm even when the weather is icy.

Reflective detailing on the gloves is a nice way of increasing your visibility in gloomy winter conditions.

Ambidextrous hand orientation further increases convenience and completes a winning package for much less than you might imagine. Grab these gloves before they sell out and snatch yourself a bargain for the looming cooler weather.

Things We Like

  • Hardwearing yet comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Reflective detail for night riding

Things We Dislike

  • Some leaking reported

6. Cevapro Thermal Gloves



  • Material: Leather and faux leather
  • Weight: 0.35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches

Another pair of no-nonsense thermal gloves up next, this time from the highly reputable Cevapro.

Made from a comfortable yet long-lasting faux leather, these gloves cost much less than you might think yet receive predominantly positive feedback from many satisfied cyclists. The gloves also feature a splash of real leather for added comfort.

The palms of the gloves are designed to promote grip on slippery handlebars.

The user-friendly pull-on closure of these gloves eliminates the weak point of Velcro that degrades over time. Slip these gloves on or pull them off with absolute ease.

The cuffs of the gloves are cut long so you shouldn’t get any gusts of wind or splashes of rain working their way inside.

A choice of four different sizes ensures you get a snug fit, all the better for keeping cold and wet weather from spoiling your bike ride.

The fleece lining helps to keep your hands beautifully warm when the weather is wintery.

On the index finger of the gloves, a touchscreen-friendly material allows you to use electronic devices without needing to remove your cycling gloves.

Although the manufacturer boldly proclaims that their customer service is exceptional, several complaints from dissatisfied customers tells a different story. We feel you can’t expect too much at this price point, so keep your expectations reasonable.

Things We Like

  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • Warm and supple PU leather
  • Plush fleece lining

Things We Dislike

  • Unresponsive customer care department

7. HoloHolo Winter Gloves



  • Material: Silicone and microfiber
  • Weight: 0.26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 3.9 x 2.1 inches

As we near the end of today’s winter cycling glove reviews, we have an offering from HoloHolo that comes in at budget territory without making your hands pay the price.

These gloves are made from microfiber and silicone, giving you long-lasting and comfortable protection against the elements.

There are just two sizes available with these gloves, XL and XXL.

Made from synthetic material, the cold doesn’t get inside these gloves and accumulated heat stays trapped inside.

If you frequently use an electronic device while riding your bike, you’ll appreciate the touchscreen-friendly nature of the materials on the index fingers of the gloves.

Integrated pockets enable you to keep your credit card or keys safe as you pedal.

Although these gloves are described as waterproof, we encountered a number of complaints from customers reporting leaks developing over time.

A fastening allows you to attach the gloves to each other, minimizing the chance of one going astray.

These multipurpose winter gloves make a great choice for cycling, skiing, or snowboarding, ensuring your hands stay warm throughout the winter season.

Things We Like

  • Easy to use touchscreens wearing gloves
  • Pockets for your valuables
  • Multipurpose winter gloves

Things We Dislike

  • Not waterproof as stated

8. Carhartt Men’s Insulated Gloves



  • Material: Polyester and polytex
  • Weight: 0.37 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 7 inches

Workwear specialist Carhartt serve up some superb insulated gloves perfect for the approaching winter season, so what do you get for your money?

First, pick from five sizes to guarantee you get the snuggest fit, keeping the cold out during the cooler season. Choose from four colorways to suit, including this classic black finish.

Made from 100% polyester, these gloves are hardwearing, long-lasting, and also extremely comfortable.

You’ll keep your hands warm when you’re wearing these gloves without noticing a drop in dexterity, so cycle safely with complete confidence without cold hands.

The palm of the gloves is constructed from a reinforced PU designed to give you great grip on the handlebar.

Inside a fast-dry lining wicks moisture away, meaning you’ll have hands that are nicely warmed up and sweat-free during the cold season. The insert is also waterproof.

The only blowback we could find concerning these gloves centers on the weakness of the seams. A few consumers complain about these coming loose over time, shortening the lifespan of the gloves.

The gloves come with a variety of matching accessories available separately, including a variety of hats to keep your head as warm as your hands.

Things We Like

  • Impeccable brand image
  • Long-lasting shell
  • Warm and comfy interior

Things We Dislike

  • Some snags with seams coming loose over time

9. Castelli Estremo Men’s Gloves



  • Material: Gore-Tex
  • Weight: 0.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 2 x 6 inches

Next up is a pair of Gore-Tex gloves tailor-made for the winter months edging closer by the day. If you are not prepared to stop cycling when the weather gets colder, invest in these insulated gloves so you can continue riding year-round.

The windproofing on these gloves is impressive, so if you live somewhere with frequent gusty conditions, the Castelli Estremo gloves are perhaps the strongest option at your disposal.

Just like the Carhartt gloves above, this model also comes with a reputation for seams that unravel over time.

The hook-and-loop closure, on the other hand, is highly effective. Not only is it a cinch to take these gloves on or off, but you’ll also find the design prevents wind, rain, or snow from working its way up inside your gloves.

Backed by a one-year limited guarantee, why not give these gloves a try and enjoy cycling without your hands feeling like blocks of ice.

Things We Like

  • Robust windproofing
  • Seamless hook-and-loop closure
  • Limited one-year warranty coverage

Things We Dislike

  • Some complaints concerning seams splitting

10. Pearl Izumi Ride Pro Gloves



  • Material: Polyester, nylon, elastane, and polyurethane
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 x 2 x 5 inches

The penultimate pair of winter cycling gloves on our shortlist comes from Pearl Izumi, so how do they shape up?

The lobster-styled gloves bridge the gap between gloves and mittens, providing you with three discrete compartments. The design of these gloves enhances heat retention without overly impacting dexterity for the double win. Whether you’re shifting gears or braking, wearing these gloves will not hinder your movements.

The palms of the gloves give you a great grip on the handlebar, and the material is also very rugged and durable.

This model is the largest of six available sizes, so there’s no excuse not to get a snugly fitting pair of gloves for the coming winter’s cycling season.

Made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and PU, you also benefit from some elastane for added stretchiness.

When you’ve finished cycling for the day, you can pop these lobster-style gloves in the machine on a cold wash to keep them looking immaculate.

Things We Like

  • Ambidextrous lobster-style
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Machine washable for complete convenience

Things We Dislike

  • Unsuitable for smaller hands

11. Bar Mitts Cold Weather Gloves



  • Material: Nylon and neoprene
  • Weight: 0.25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 10 x 2 inches

Last but by no means least in today’s roundup of the best winter cycling gloves are some innovative bar mitts from the brand called Bar Mitts.

You can choose from three different variants of these gloves. This iteration is designed for bikes with flat handlebars. There are no openings on this version of the bar mitts. The gloves are a great choice if you have a mountain bike, commuter bike, or flat bar bike of any other description.

You must also choose from three different sizes to suit – this is the small/medium size.

The hand covers are made of neoprene, a material typically used for making wetsuits boasting great insulation properties.

If you want to use regular cycling gloves underneath these bar mitts, you can do so comfortably.

You can slip the mitts over your handlebar with ease, and you can remove them with just as little hassle when you leave your bike unattended or return home after your ride.

Aside from a handful of complaints about the bulkiness of these winter cycling gloves, almost all user testimony is positive, so buy these Bar Mitts with complete confidence and cycle in more comfort this winter.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for bikes with flat handlebars
  • Remove and install on bars with ease
  • Use in combination with traditional cycling gloves

Things We Dislike

  • Bulky and prevents installation of rear-view mirror


1) Do I really need to wear winter cycling gloves?

During the colder months, wearing cycling gloves will help minimize exposure of your hands to the elements. As you cycle, your hands are gripping the bars, meaning they are the first thing that the wind and rain contact. Cycling in the wind, rain, snow, or sleet will rapidly chill your unprotected hands to the extent that numbness and loss of feeling set in. The subsequent drop in dexterity can reduce the control you have over your bicycle, introducing a potential safety issue in inclement weather. The best winter cycling gloves are constructed to withstand the wind and rain, keeping your hands dry and warm without compromising dexterity.

2) How can winter cycling gloves retain heat?

Inside winter cycling gloves, you’ll find a thermal layer intended to keep cool air away from your skin, while also trapping any warm air generated by your hands. This layer is not so thick that it will impair dexterity, so you won’t find it difficult to use the brake lever or gear changer.

3) What level of protection do I need in winter cycling gloves?

You must closely consider the climate where you live or where you most frequently ride. Bar mitts are unlikely to be warm enough if you live somewhere with extremely cold weather in the winter. Lobster claw gloves, on the other hand, will be too warm for winter cycling in Florida or California. Think about the rain as well so you can look for gloves with the appropriate level of waterproofing.

4) Are winter cycling mittens or gloves most effective?

Mittens are often warmer than gloves as heat from your fingers is shared and there is less surface area to catch the wind. On the downside, mittens sacrifice dexterity to achieve this. If you find gloves are not warm enough in winter but mittens impair dexterity too much, try some lobster claw gloves with three fingers as a compromise.

5) What degree of weatherproofing do I need in winter cycling gloves?

There is a significant difference between fabrics used for windproofing and waterproofing cycling gloves. Windproof and waterproof fabrics are typically laminated and equipped with an internal perforated membrane to stave off the elements. Windproof fabrics are rated according to how much air penetrates one square meter of fabric in one second. Waterproof fabrics are rated using the water column test over a 24-hour period. DWR (durable water repellent) is a surface treatment that helps prevent fabrics from getting wet through without impairing breathability. These treatments can be effective, but they are no substitute for proper waterproofing on winter cycling gloves. Over the time, DWR treatment will wear off.

6) How long should the cuff be on winter cycling gloves?

If the cuffs of winter cycling gloves are not tightly closed, this can allow cold to get inside. The best winter cycling gloves will use a closure to mitigate this gap at the cuff. Extended cuffs that overlap with your jacket sleeve are well worthwhile if you are looking for extra protection against the cold when cycling this winter.


We trust that today’s breakdown of the best cycling gloves and mittens for winter has given you plenty of inspiration.

The most crucial element of your buying decision involves making sure you buy a style of glove with the right waterproofing and windproofing to stand up against the type of conditions in which you cycle over the winter.

Choosing between mittens and gloves comes down to personal choice and whether you prioritize dexterity or overall warmth. This will hinge on the type of riding you do and whether you cycle recreationally or competitively.

Take a minute to bookmark Florida Cycling before you head off today and be sure to pop back soon. We have just returned from a cycling trip and have lots more great content coming your way. See you soon!

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