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Wednesday, 30 January 2013, by

Mumu Apparal

Contact MUMU to order you team kits today!

At MUMU Cycling Apparel, we want to give you the power to totally customize your cycling clothing.  We are committed to ensuring that you and your team look and feel great in your custom products and accessories on and off the bike. Our products are fueled by current retail trends, technically advanced fabrics and design, superior fit, and functionality. We’re sure this combination will provide you with a product that both looks and feels great.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014, by

Bio Racer


“Man is the measure of all things.” - Leonardo Da Vinci.


To develop solutions that improve the racer’s performance based on insights drawn from biomechanics. Our aim is to help our athletes win. We are going for medals.
Bioracer developed the groundbreaking Bike Fitting measurement system. Our proprietary technology prevents injuries and optimizes performance. We are leaders in cycling designs. Reskin Silicone Skin Technology thrives in medical applications.

But we are best known for our innovations in cycling clothing, form-fitted to each racer, both for comfort and performance. We design clothing for world champions, and also deliver that same race proven technology to the non-professional racer.
We look to other sports for inspiration and, conversely, introduce our technology to other sports besides cycling, such as skating and cross-country sports where aerodynamics and aqua-dynamics are important.



Bioracer is passion. Each of us has a passion for cycling, for innovation, for customer satisfaction. We are proud of our products. Each substance is scientifically tested for biomechanical properties and each design must exceed the previous one. Our customers are passionate about their sport. They want to excel, and push their boundaries. With Bioracer you are equipped for high performance.


We have been part of the DNA of the sport of cycling since 1986. 26 Olympic medals, 101 world champions. With pros as well as promising younger sports men and women in all cycling disciplines. Bioracer is a quality brand. Every customer is unique. Each customer’s design is unique and the delivery of quality is all that matters to us. We believe that each order is a promise that we must fulfill.


Bioracer is a family business. Appreciation and your experiences with our products is what drives us. Anyone who chooses Bioracer is part of our community. We want you to be satisfied. We want you to speak positively about our company and our products. By choosing Bioracer, your next performance will leave absolutely nothing to chance.


Not only do you pay for a product, but you also buy a promise and a service. Technical clothing requires professional advice beforehand, custom design, and careful communication. And yes, sometimes things go wrong despite the best intentions. In that respect you may count on us. We have the best people in the field, always accessible and available. This is our guarantee.


Biomechanical development continues to evolve every day. Textile innovation is on the rise. Clothing technologies continue to improve drastically. We are not followers - Bioracer is a trendsetter. We are the leading innovators in our industry. We work with all the major textile manufacturers and several leading colleges and universities both at home and abroad. We do testing in the world renowned wind tunnels of the FES Institute and Delft. With Bioracer you are getting cutting edge technology. Every inch is prepared for your ride. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014, by

Sea Sucker Bike Racks

About Us

We are a Florida-based designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of kick-ass marine accessories, bike racks and board racks for cars, and small electronics mounts for holding iPads, iPhones and similar gadgets.

We got our start in 2005 after putting together a vacuum-mounted chair for use on the deck of a boat. Even though we never actually sold the chair as one of our products, the idea to mount accessories to a boat with vacuum technology turned out to be a winner, and we started making rod holders, dive racks, cup holders and other aftermarket marine accessories.

In 2009, it occurred to us that our vacuum cups could be the basis for an awesome bike rack, so we began designing the racks that we sell today all over the world. Once we were attaching bike racks to cars (and racing them around the track at 140 m.p.h.), it wasnʼt too much of a stretch to start making surfboard, paddle board and kayak racks too.

We jumped on the iPad bandwagon in 2011 when we released our Naked Flex Mount. After a couple of months on our website, it became our number one selling product of all time. We followed that up with the release of our Mini Naked Flex Mount, sized for iPhones and smaller devices, and we havenʼt looked back since.

Our products have been featured in numerous magazines and television shows, and we expect to keep coming up with new ideas that make people say “Wow – I wish Iʼd thought of that!”

Wednesday, 9 April 2014, by

Belgium Bike


 Imports not just Belgium’ cycling brands, but also Belgium’s cycling expertise 
to the USA and will distribute top Belgian cycling products through a 
nationwide professional dealer network.  We will build a strong dealer- and customer 
relationship through flexibility, top service and creative after sales experiences.

Our drive is to add to the success of all teams, the Belgian quality brands, 
the USA dealers and focus on the cyclist benefits.

Sunday, 25 December 2011, by

The Cycling Hub - Clermont

This Trek signature store in the heart of central Florida is family owned by Bryan and Becky Davis. 

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